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SEN sessions

Since 2020, we have enjoyed creating and developing a relationship with Talkback Activities- a local charity that works to provide activities, experiences and opportunities for people of all ages with a range of disabilities. Talkback strive to create an inclusive, professional environment that steers and challenges mainstream thinking when it comes to disability and autism. They work with individuals and many different organisations, with the sole purpose of making the lives of those with a learning disability better.

Due to Covid-19, our sessions in 2020 were delivered virtually, and we greatly enjoyed getting to know all of the participants, and work on short routines and key elements of cheer together (online).

In 2021, we have been able to hold our workshops in person at a local community centre, and it's been even better working together in person!

"Talkback works with people with a learning disability and autism. Helping to support our member’s well-being though sport and physical activity is an important part of our programme.


Partnering with Chiltern Cheetahs has meant we have been able to offer something completely new as part of our virtual programme. Cheerleading has been a great success with our members. Alex’s sessions are accessible, fun and progressive. It is not easy to engage with groups online but Alex was able to work at the right level and create a real rapport with everyone to build their skills and confidence. We even have had members who do not normally take part in sport joining in and were happy to showcase their skills, which is a great achievement.


I very much look forward to developing stronger links with the Chiltern Cheetahs in the future."

Helen Krauze. Sports, Well-being and Community Projects Manger, Talkback.

Participant testimonials:

SB: "I enjoy the cheer leading session today, what i like the most is the music and the moves are easy to follow. i also like the pompoms and would like to join again."

GB: "I love the high school musical cheerleading routine as its dead easy. I love having the chance to be spotlighted."

SC: "I really enjoyed cheer leading because it was good exercise."

Lucy; "Good, really enjoyed it, want to do more."

Hattie: "Loved it, Can we do More."

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