Chiltern Cheetahs is a competitive cheerleading, gymnastics and dance programme based in Buckinghamshire. Run on a not for profit basis, it  was founded in September 2012 by Jessica Goodall. We focus on learning routines to compete at Regional, National and International competitions throughout the year (exception: recreational teams). The sessions involve tumbling, stunting, jumps and dance and encourage  teamwork, commitment and confidence as well as fun and friendships.  Fitness is built in all three major domains (aerobic, strength and flexibility) and performance skills in a large audience environment provides whole family participation and excitement. We have teams for all levels from beginner to elite. 
Chiltern  Cheetahs are coached by experienced, fully  qualified, enthusiastic coaches in Gymnastics, Cheerleading and Dance. 


Cheerleading incorporates stunting, tumbling, jumps, dance and performance. We accept  athletes from  all and any levels of background and experience.   Many are experienced gymnasts who wish to move for a more team based experience. Others join with acro aerobic or tumbling skills and others with few skills at all. Within the team there are generally roles for everyone depending on what they enjoy and can contribute.  A strong base is just as important as a sassy flyer. 
In 2016, the Olympics committee recognised Cheerleading as a sport, meaning that in future years we will be seeing cheerleading at The Olympics. It is also the fastest growing sport in the UK, with some schools offering it as an option for GCSE and A-Level sport. 
Cheerleading is also a University Sport and athletes often compete throughout their university life and up to early 30s.     


Tumbling can be enjoyed and learned as an independent  sport or as an integral element to cheerleading.  Many dancers, parkour participants, acro teams or just cool individuals like to be able to tumble and enjoy the thrill of take off and landing at high speed whilst continually improving in air action.   
Increasing skills in tumbling and technique helps athletes to progress through Cheerleading levels. We therefore offer extra tumble classes, private tumble coaching and open gym sessions to allow athletes and individuals the time and support that they require to improve.  


We run tumble classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. 
To book a tumble class, private coaching or open gym session, click here.


Following their participation in childhood and youth dance and extensive study and examination thereafter, Jess and Emily decided to introduce competitive dance as an extension of Chiltern Cheetahs in 2017. Called the Cheetettes, many styles of dance are covered and studies of dance and culture enables us to extend our reach to all ethnicities. 
Dance provides participants with an opportunity to pursue dance as a team sport and fitness activity as opposed to encouraging theatrical or show business expectations. Squads are expected to show the same levels of commitment, teamworking and athletic development as the cheerleading squads and compete against other clubs, again in large audience and arena environments.  
All of our dance teachers are passionate and extremely experienced. Emily has been dancing competitively since the age of 5 and has taken her  teaching exams with the IDTA. Jess has danced since the age of 3 and she and Kerri have university degrees in Dance and Culture in addition to IDTA in various genres of dance. Kerri has previously worked at the Royal Ballet School.   
We run competitive and non-competitive dance classes for all ages. The styles being taught will be lyrical, contemporary and hip-hop/street.