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We are always seeking ways for our athletes to shine and build confidence in their unique skills and qualities.  We provide opportunities for members to give small individual presentations, write newsletters and blogs, appear at ad hoc events, create fundraising events, gain novel experiences and take up general duties in the running of the programme.  We encourage parents to flag opportunities (and even identify others) where membership of the Club can contribute to personal growth and development. 


Examples include: 


  • Team Captaincy and Leadership 

  • Presentations at showcase on the rules and benefits of cheer and dance 

  • Participation in Disney Parade 

  • Talking with adults and all sectors of community (e.g. bag packing at ASDA) 

  • Running stalls and selling craftwork at local markets and bazaars 

  • Exhibition in various business setting (football clubs, mayor’s summer fete).  



Please watch the notice board for shout outs and opportunities or contact if you wish to discuss any opportunity. 

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