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The challenges of providing the facilities, equipment, sports kit, bespoke competition uniforms, coaches, admin costs, international competition opportunities and meeting regulatory conformance are increasingly onerous for most sports clubs today.  Particularly so in South Bucks where the provision of facilities compete with other lucrative land usage and a large population puts increasing pressure on such facilities. 
Our Club is managed on a not for profit basis and we are committed to extending the opportunity to participate and compete to all children within the county. We are currently saving and fundraising to provide our athletes with the same opportunities and facilities enjoyed by those in other, less expensive regions, and the kind efforts of fundraising undertaken by our parents and donations from our sponsors go a long way to make the children’s dreams and ambitions of international kudos and a bespoke gym facility, a reality.   
We would therefore like to acknowledge below companies and organisations that have been kind enough to sponsor or lend their support to Chiltern Cheetahs and invite you to read our newsletter for updates on our current activities and achievements.   
The club and all its members are forever grateful for your help and continued support. 

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